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Future Projects at Maison L'Arc-en-Ciel 

Switch to Solar


     Beginning the switch from a diesel generator to solar power will have a positive financial impact on the orphanage, reduce their consumption of natural resources and provide a clean energy source for the children that is beneficial to the environment.

     This is the largest project that Honey for Haiti is trying to support at the orphanage but will likely have one of the largest impacts. 



     The implementation of both a traditional composting area, as well as an additional "lombriocomosting" or worm composting project, will allow fresh nutrients to be added to the agriculture projects, as well as assisting in keeping the soil moist to reduce water consumption. 

     This project is partially underway. Composting efforts have began but we are always looking for those with expertise willing to help improve the project. 

Agricultural Development


     This is the fuel to make Maison L'Arc-en-Ciel more self-sustainable. We are working on constructing raised-bed gardens and expanding and improving a composting project. As the composting project improves we hope it can be used to improve crop yield in the agriculture development projects. 

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