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Getting ready to introduce the bees into the bee hives.

The new chicken coop.

Bob and Moises working in the garden.

Harvesting crops this year. Enough was grown to be able to feed the kids, staff, and families of the staff. We hope to be able to improve crop yield enough that some can be sold to the local community as a source of income.

Working on the goat pen.

More work on the goat pen.

The local bee keepers helping to introduce the bees into the bee hives.

The new extended roof!

Carrying the hives.

Beautiful Mountains.

A group shot!

The coop and mountains.

Goat Pen 1 Construction

Working hard.

A visit to the Winn Farm.

A visit to the Winn Farm.

View from the orphanage.

Extending the roof on the pen.

The land.

New wall around the property.

The Farming Field with Wall behind.


The land.

Walking down the mountain.

Community Library.



Working Hard.

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