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Maison L’Arc-en-Ciel- Promoting Sustainability Through Education

While the most important goal of building the sustainable orphanage at Maison L’Arc-en-Ciel is reaching a level of economic sustainability as to not rely on outside financing to stay afloat, the educational opportunity that comes along with the projects are just as valuable. Each of the projects; the conversion to solar, compositing, livestock, agriculture, aquaponics, and beekeeping have a direct educational component to them, where the children of MAEC are given the opportunity to learn about the projects that interest them individually and take time to work directly with our team as we implement the specific project that they feel they can contribute to.

While all the children receive a formal education, financed by Maison L’Arc-en-Ciel, not all will have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education, and will have to find work elsewhere, potentially learning trades to fulfill themselves and earn a living. Danielle, the director of the orphanage, has a strong reintegration plan for each child, and does everything possible to ensure each child is ready and able to flourish in Haitian society. Children, if interested, can pursue training in beekeeping, agriculture, aquaponics, construction, as well as leaning about recycling, composting, and the importance of respecting the environment. By promoting a sustainable lifestyle to the children of Maison L’Arc-en-Ciel, a community educational program can begin, emphasizing the economic, environmental, and social benefits of the project to the community and sharing how they can begin their own sustainability initiatives. The impact that L’Arc-en-Ciel can have on other organizations in Haiti by providing an example on becoming self-sustainable and educating other organizations about ways to form a sustainable income that is environmentally conscious.

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